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This section allows employers and employers association to browse through several payroll reports and documents.
Employers may also download and upload payroll data files and reports.

Our Services

Time and attendance management

Timesheets entry into the payroll calendar.

Payroll management

Calculate the employees remuneration based on their records : hours worked, holidays, etc. Calculate the employees and employers contributions, and other deductions. Print paychecks and make bank transfers. Create paystubs and mailing or making available online.

Employers remit source deductions and contributions

Handle government remittances and Health & Safety contributions. Issue the year-end reports and documents (such as T4 and RL-1).

Workers compensation claims management

File events as soon as reported. Following up on cases with companies, unions and employers associations. Calculate the income replacement indemnity. Receipt and transmission of documents with the CNESST. Work interruption, temporary work assignment, progressive or modified return-to-work programs.


Web Portal 24/24h

Secured access for companies and employees in order to see paystubs and tax forms.

Mobile Portal

Applications are fully optimised for mobile devices, phones and tablets.

Time and Attendance Management

For companies that choose to manager timesheets on their own, a dedicated access is provided to the web portal. Shifts, rates and statutory holidays are automatically processed in accordance with the collective agreements and the relevant standards.


Designed for companies with large volume. Employers directly send their files to be processed. Confirmation is displayed by the end of the submission.

Automatic Reports

Receive the billing reports directly in your inbox.

Customisable Reports

Export and print your custom reports with your access in order to follow up.


List of the companies for which services are provided.