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Head Office

+1 (514) 878-1151
+1 (877) 878-1151
Fax +1 (514) 861-6972


Delivery Address
2100 av. Pierre-Dupuy,
Wing 3, Suite 1070
Montreal (Quebec)    H3C 3R5

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The Team

General Direction

Benoit Forest - Executive Director


Teresa Lanni - Payroll Director

Isabelle Cloutier - Payroll Supervisor

Christine Khatchérian - Payroll Technician

Jonathan Ouellet - Timekeeper

Laura Bachmann - Responsible officer in Hamilton

Allen Simpson - Responsible officer in Halifax

Karen Simpson - Subsitute in Halifax


Kristine Fiset - Controller

Julie Fortin - Accounting Technician

Health and Safety at Work

Keven Rondeau - Senior OHS Claims Management Advisor

Carole Bienvenue - OHS Claims Management Coordinator

IT Department

Jérémy Garcia - IT Director

Carolle Fontaine - Functional Analyst

The Board Of Directors 2020-2021

Jeff Craig
Controller, Empire Stevedoring

Benoit Forest
Executive Director, Maritime Data Center


Ross Kenny
Contract Administrator, Cerescorp

Stéphane Blanchette
Human Resources Vice-President, Logistec

Frédéric Provost
Risk Management Vice-President, Montreal Gateway Terminals

Guy Desrosiers
Chief Financial Officer, Montreal Gateway Terminals

Updated the 3 of June 2020