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To follow up on information that has been disseminated in recent days regarding the measures to be taken in the face of the coronavirus epidemic, the Maritime Data Center would like to reassure you as to the production of your pay. We have a contingency plan in place to allow all MDC staff to continue to perform their tasks remotely in the event of a quarantine.
However, in the event that a quarantine is imposed on MDC staff, the printing of pay checks cannot be done outside of MDC offices. For those who receive a check rather than direct deposit, we strongly suggest adhering to direct deposit for the coronavirus preventive measures period.
For those who already have direct deposit, we also encourage you to enroll for an access to the payroll portal which would provide you with 24/7 access to your payroll.


The Maritime Data Center Inc (MDC) has been active since 1969 as a provider of business outsourcing solutions for the Canadian stevedoring industry.
Currently, the MDC is the main central pay office of the stevedoring industry in Eastern Canada.

Its main activities are payroll processing, time & attendance and workers compensation claims management.

Over the last few years, the MDC decided to initiate a technological turn in order to adopt innovative and robust tools.
Furthermore, the MDC has made the choice of being part of an ongoing process of searching and integrating new technologies.
This allows to regularly increase added value of the provided services, reduce the overall runtime and meet the specific requirements of the business.

The goal : To support the stevedoring compagnies in their ongoing evolution.

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